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Celebration of a Job Placement

During the summer of 2019, we received some great news all due to our Speaker Series.  Read the below from Garrett Duffy of Decisive Farming.

"After emigrating to Calgary with my young family in summer 2015, I found it difficult to find a job in geomatics.  The downturn in the economy did not help my job search much but I eventually got full-time work as a cartographer at Map World Services 2000.  I continued to make concerted efforts at networking, attending some useful GoGeomatics events and becoming a member of Alberta Geomatics Group.  I applied for numerous positions at surveying and geomatics services companies around Calgary including a Junior GIS Technician position at Decisive Farming that was advertised in November 2017.  I was not called for interview, possibly because I was perceived as being over-qualified.  In February 2018, I attended the AGG Speaker Series at Brewsters in Calgary at which Andrew Pylypchuk gave a great talk about micro satellites and earth observation.  Over a few beers, I learned that Vincent Pang and Sean Chew of Decisive Farming were in the room; I introduced myself and arranged an introductory meeting at their offices in Calgary later that month.  Eventually, a position for Senior GIS Technician, with an emphasis on research, was advertised in late 2018 and, thanks to my networking and follow-up at the AGG events, I secured the position.  I would like to thank Alberta Geomatics Group for providing networking opportunities to job seekers such as myself and encourage them to continue same."

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